Sunshine and Expedition success in Saddleworth

Bronze and Silver Practice DofE Report – April 2015

On the weekend of the 18th of April, 29 Rastrick High pupils took part in the first of two expeditions in order to complete the expedition section of their Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. During this action packed weekend, pupils learnt map and compass skills as well developing, for some, a new found appreciation of the great outdoors.

The weekend got off to an early start, meeting at school for 8am for a quick meeting then into the minibuses for the short trip over the Pennines to Saddleworth. Each group then set off individually, with their group leader, to learn the essential skills of map reading along the 8 mile journey. The conditions were perfect, with glorious sunshine and light breezes throughout the day. This allowed all seven groups to take in the glorious scenery from the peak of ‘Potts and Pans’ before making their way to the campsite. Once in camp, students set up their tents and cooked a hot meal, which some found considerably easier than others, before a nice relaxing night socialising, chatting and reminiscing over the events of the day.

The second day was another busy one which started with a warm breakfast cooked in camp and the taking down and packing up of the students’ tents. After this not so glamorous job was complete the groups set off on another long journey back to the finish point. With their group leaders taking a more passive role on the second day, pupils were largely left to their own devices to navigate their way to the much anticipated finish. Along the route pupils enjoyed experiences with chickens, lambs and Mr Watson’s group even met a friendly Alpaca.

All in all both staff and students had a fantastic experience and learnt a lot whilst taking in all the great outdoors has to offer. We are all now waiting eagerly to get out and do it all again for our final expedition on July 4th, 5th and 6th.


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