British Science Week

British Science Week is an annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths that features a range of fascinating, entertaining and engaging national, regional and local events across the UK.
To celebrate British Science week at RHS a number of events have taken place from 11-20th March. Year 8 and Year 9 have been on visits to Leeds University and have taken part in events there. Students participated in the HESCO engineering competition, where students had to work in groups to compete in two hands-on activities, both based on an internationally sold product made in Leeds. They had to reverse engineer the product and explore the features that help it to do its job, and then set up a manufacturing line to produce replicas in as short a time as possible.  Another group were invited to a STEM workshop, which was a whistle stop tour of interactive STEM activities, with at least 20 different stalls of hands-on science. They investigated the habitats of crayfish, looked at neurons, how heart rate changes during exercise, and many other activities. 


Year 12 A Level Physics students were invited on campus, to spend a day in Physics & Astronomy as an undergraduate student. They participated in mock first year labs, toured the campus and attended a lecture in the afternoon, giving them the full University of Leeds experience.

As part of STEM club, a number of Year 8 & 9 students visited the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham to develop their skills in using the Lego Mindstorm software and hardware.  They also explored the Bloodhound car which is aiming to be the fastest vehicle on land.


Francesca Barton, Year 9 said, “It was a really awesome visit and it really inspired me to think about a career in Engineering and Science.” 

In Science lessons students participated in Demo day, is an annual campaign during British Science Week that aims to inspire secondary school teachers and technicians to explore new concepts, provoke discussions and generate excitement through running science demonstrations. Staff and students also competed in quizzes about Science in different subject areas in form time.

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