Getting GCSE Art ready

With GCSE exams looming, over fifty Rastrick GCSE Art students and their teachers visited Cartwright Hall, Bradford for a day of art workshops and observing art work first hand.

Each student had already chosen an exam question and was able to select paintings, photos and objects from the museum collection to photograph and draw to add to their sketchbook work.

IMG 0971

The day was split into three workshops, one of them led by a practicing print artist who worked in monoprints with the students, adding collage and text to record a still life, based on the Industrial North and with reference to the paintings of L S Lowry.

IMG 0950

At the same time, another group were looking at the joiner photography of Bradford born artist, David Hockney and others at the permanent collection in the gallery.  In the early 1980s, Hockney began to produce photo collages, which he called ‘joiners’, first of Polaroid prints and later of 35mm, commercially processed color prints. Using varying numbers of Polaroid snaps or photo-lab prints of a single subject Hockney arranged a patchwork to make a composite image. 

IMG 0943

Art Teacher, Sally Catton said, “The students had a fabulous visit experiencing recording in different materials, fast drawing and working with their own photography, plus there was plenty of opportunity to enrich their exploration of Art.”

The museum’s collection is made up of pieces from many different cultures as well as art from the area and students came away with work for their sketchbooks and an experience of working with and learning about art in a gallery. 

Many students who choose to study A Level Art, Photography or Textiles at Rastrick are hoping to be part of future visits to London, Paris and New York when they start on their courses later this year.




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