Girls into Engineering

On Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th July, a group of Year 8 girls from the STEM group went to KITS in Brighouse for a Girls into Engineering workshop.

We stayed there for the whole day on the Tuesday and for half a day on the Wednesday. We learned many things about different types of engineering and had a tour of the workshop. We also went to a nearby company that makes valves, and their female Chief Executive is ranked in the top 10 of Engineers in the country.

In the morning of the first day we made key rings made from brass. We started off with a rectangle of the metal and had to round the ends, cut off the corners and then file them to make them smooth and round. Later, we looked at how to make valves and what different uses they have, for example, extracting oil from underneath the seabed. We were lucky enough to be able to help build some prototypes on a 3D printer.


On the Wednesday, we took apart some motor engines at KITS, looking inside them at the gears and how they worked. What they didn't tell us at the start was that we would have to re-build the engines once we had dismantled them, which was a great challenge!

Everyone had a great time, it was really enjoyable and inspirational to learn from some excellent, local female role models.  

By Chloe Jones, Sophie Wilson & Iza Ahmed

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