Goodbye Year 11

After an incredible two years as Year 11 Achievement Leader, we finally said ‘good bye’ on Friday. 

It has now become somewhat of a tradition for the Year 11 to get dressed up in fancy dress and my Year Group didn't let me down, from Nuns to Smurfs, from Cave Girls to Spider man, we had it all.  It all contributed to an amazing send off. 

IMG 0114

The students were horrified to walk into the assembly to find pictures of them as Year 7s rotating on a power point! Some look different and many the same but the impact was universal…turn it off!  I have been so proud of my Year Group; they have worked tirelessly throughout the GCSE’s and to finally let down their hair was great. 

IMG 0115

Students and teachers celebrated success from progress and attendance to whom was the most likely to be a millionaire!  Overall, a fantastic morning was had by all and I look forward to seeing you all on results day when I am sure the smiles will be even wider at our success!

Enjoy the summer and thank you

Mr Firbank

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