Making their Mark

This week, over 1300  RHS students took part in the national ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign.


Make Your Mark is a national campaign to give young people across the UK their chance to have their say in the running of the country. The campaign, headed by the Members of Youth Parliament (MYP) gives the opportunity for young people to vote in who should represent them as their MYP and what they should debate in the House of Commons and campaign for this year. The week current campaign allows young people to vote on ten issues that the MYPs will campaign for this year, from improving mental health services, to stopping cuts to the NHS. Over 1,300 students from RHS are a small number in the over 1million votes that will be cast before the 4 October.

Top of the agenda for the students at RHS is tackling racism and religious discrimination, with almost 30% of voters wanting the MYPs to tackle this issue across the UK.

Our Make Your Mark campaign took place during the Pastoral Curriculum in Form time, enabling the students to further develop their understanding of democracy and allowing them to take part in a democratic vote, both of which the students have thoroughly enjoyed.

if you are interested to see our voting and to find more information about the campaign, search for #MakeYourMark on Twitter. 


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