National Recognition for Promoting Youth Participation and Democracy

Rastrick High School & Sixth Form has been named as one of the inaugural winners of the Discovering Democracy Awards.

The Discovering Democracy Awards are run by the British Youth Council and supported by HM Government to recognise those schools across the country that promote student participation and democracy to support the running of the school.

The benefits of supporting student leadership and democracy can be far reaching and seen across the whole curriculum, with students developing an understanding of their moral responsibilities both within school and the wider community. This helps them to be more tolerant of each other and of society.

The award showcases those schools who have engaged young people with democracy from an early age, with this being judged by a panel of young people with leadership experience. Mr Watson, upon receiving the award, said: “This is a fantastic recognition of all of the excellent work that goes on in tutorial time through our Pastoral Curriculum, assemblies and events that we have, such as our Student Leader Elections, and is acknowledgement for the hard work that all of our students and staff put into these activities.”

Full details of the award, and other inaugural winners can be found on the link below:

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