Sky Sports Project Finale

Thursday 18 June was the day our Year 8 Sky Sports Living for Sport group showed off the efforts of their hard work from this year's project.

Throughout the course of the year, twenty 12-13 year olds have been fortunate to participate in the initiative run by Sky Sports. The project aims to use sport as a medium to improve academic performance, improve attitudes towards, and motivation in school, as well as boosting vital social and life skills, self-esteem and confidence. Similarly, the students were challenged to develop their resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility and reflectiveness, which encompass part of the school's 5Rs of outstanding learning habits.

In order to achieve these challenging aims, students have conquered fears and developed great teamwork in a variety of activities from rock climbing, to mountain biking and kayaking. Whilst improving these important life and learning skills, the students have been tasked with developing their Maths and English ability through an innovative project. Students were given a budget to spend to design a brand new sports stadium for a sports team of their choice. All involved not only had to work to a strict budget, but had to measure expenditure and profit the stadium would make, as well as looking at different ratios that are legal requirements of all sporting stadia, before creating a scale drawing of the design to develop their mathematical abilities and compliment the maths work ongoing in curriculum time.

IMG 1727

Once the designs had been finalised, the students had to write a pitch to persuade the chairman of their sports team to purchase their design. The students had to consider different persuasive writing techniques and interesting ways of presenting their pitches to persuade the chairman their design was worthy of being selected.

During the project the students have been mentored and supported by Paul Broadbent, ex-Great Britain rugby league international, who has visited the school to motivate the students and talk to them about how to be successful through implementing the Six Keys to Success:

1. Mental toughness

2. Hunger to achieve

3. People skills

4. Sports and life knowledge

5. Breaking barriers

6. Planning for success

Paul's visits inspired the students to take on board these messages and demonstrate that mental toughness and hunger to achieve in order to break those barriers and plan for the amazing successes they have had this year.

Our stand-in chairman, who judged the designs was Huddersfield Town FC's chief engineer Phil Luff, who kindly took the students on a stadium tour to show them each of the different components of the stadium, and give them a sneak peek into all of the inner workings of the John Smiths Stadium. Students were amazed by the number of CCTV screens in the control room, and the length of time the trophies in the trophy cabinet stretched back to. This insight into the running of a stadium allowed for some last minute tweaks to the presentations, before everyone took up their seats in the media suite to present their pitches to Phil. After some tough deliberations, Phil decided that Group Two: Thomas Walsh, Cameron Singh, Sammy Rathmell, Luca Mucci, Aadil Ahmed and Cameron O'Brien should be crowned champions. He did, however, comment that all of the designs and pitches were of an excellent standard, and he would be happy to host any of the students in the future, or for work experience.

IMG 1729

Following the presentations, the students were taken to Pizza Hut to reward them for their outstanding efforts and progress in all areas throughout the year, where they were treated to a special pizza buffet, quickly followed by some ice cream treats, which were definitely one of the highlights!

A big thank you must go to the staff at both Huddersfield Town FC and Pizza Hut for hosting the students and making the day an extremely fun and enjoyable one, and to Sky Sports mentor Paul Broadbent for his hard work with the students throughout the year.


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