Solar Success!

On Thursday 10 December, the Smallpeice Trust brought their Kinetic Challenge to Year 9.

The Smallpeice Trust, a STEM charity, came to talk to a group of 120 Year 9s about different ways of providing sustainable energy and how they could best power Brighouse.

The students were challenged to come up with sustainable ideas to power different components, before they got onto the main event: The Kinetic Challenge!

This challenge involved designing and building a solar powered car. Once it was built, students had to consider the amount of weight it carried and the length of time it was charged for by their lights. There were plenty of debates about the different lengths of charge time! Once all of the different components had been arranged and the cars were charged and ready to go, the two challenges too place. The first, was the accuracy of the cars, which car would make it to the specified target. There were definitely some wonky wheels on the cars, however, some of these cars came into their own when it came to the speed and distance challenge.

Our winning students were:


Leona Stanton

Pavan Uppal

Zain Ali

Iza Ahmed



Sam Richards

Cieron McFarland

Leasel Albrow

Rebecca Varo

A big thank you to the Smallpeice Trust for their work.       

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