Summer Cool 2017


Summer Cool 2017 proved to be yet another fun-filled, action packed two weeks to help prepare our new Year 7s for life at Rastrick.

Selected students were invited to join our latest cohort of Summer Cool, called so thanks to our first Summer School cohort (who are now in Year 11), who thought Summer Cool gave a better representation of the fun that is had over the two week programme.

This year, Summer Cool, led by Aspirational Learning and a dedicated team of support staff included a bigger range of activities than ever before, from our very own Great Summer Cool Bake Off, to Tag Archery, African Drumming and Street Dance.

Each activity was specifically chosen to push the students outside of their comfort zone to help them build friendships and develop confidence, which will be vital in ensuring a successful start to their lives at Rastrick High School.

Ongoing throughout the week was our annual team competition, Team Yorkshire vs. Team Rochdale, with students competing in games and team challenges to win points for their teams. Students had great success in building spaghetti towers and chairs made from balloons.

Andrew, one of this year's Summer Cool cohort said: "I've had a great time, Summer Cool has been really fun, and now I've made lots of new friends and feel much happier about starting secondary school."

One of the parents commented: "Summer Cool has been a great opportunity for my child to develop important life skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership skills and has really come out of her shell over these two weeks. Thanks to the staff, she can't wait for September now!"

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank the students, parents, Sadhana Patel and all of the other staff involved for making Summer Cool 2017 the best one yet!

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