Tiger is WY U13 Boys Champion

We were delighted  to hear from Longwood Harriers that one of our students, Tiger Steel in Year 8, is now a champion!

Tiger Steel


Tiger became a member of Longwood Harriers three years ago when he was barely 10 years of age and immediately showed promise as an athlete. Others may have been more talented than he was at this age but he was fast, determined and tenacious. He has attended training regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Leeds road track in Huddersfield and has put in the hard work that is needed to achieve in sport.

Tiger is lucky to have a very supportive family behind him who encourage him and ensure he is able to attend competition as well as training. His coaches recognised his promise from the start and made sure he was soon taking part in athletics competitions.

Tom Reed, Longwood Harriers  Athletics Coach said, “In three years since joining, Tiger has competed in West Yorkshire Track and Field League, the Yorkshire and District Athletics League, The West Yorkshire Cross Country League. He has competed in several other events at his school. In April this year, at one of the first Track and Field meetings of the season, he broke the club record for the 800m in his age group at 2:26.70, his new personal best.



He is ready to try any event but excels most on the track as a runner. He is a particularly successful sprinter and is a solid 800m runner too. He currently has personal bests of 11.28s for the 75m and 10.87s for the 80m. He has competed in long jump in the field and hurdles races on the track. It is his all-round athletic ability; his determination and regular attendance; and the support from his family, friends and Longwood Harriers that have enabled him to become a local champion for his age group.

It is always great to see a young athlete develop but to win a league title at this age is particularly exciting for Tiger himself. He isn’t the sort to be boastful about his achievement, yet he has every right to do so. To win this League title was not an easy task; it involved doing consistently well in several disciplines on track and field in each of the six meetings from April to August in all weathers.”

Tiger is still surprised at his own success  saying, "At the start of the athletics season I did not think I could win the west Yorkshire championships but with hard work, determination and speed it all came together."


Further recent achievements include:

 Spenborough Championships 4th Sept    Gold medal in 80m , earning a personal best

                                                                     Silver medal in 800m


Douglas Bedford Memorial  11th Sept         1st in the 200 m with a time of 26.04 which puts him 1st in                                                                           Yorkshire and gives him a pb and a new club record.

                                                                      Silver medal in 800m

The 200m run puts Tiger in 18th position in the whole of the UK which is an amazing achievement and we are all so proud of him.  If he continues to train hard and compete, it could take him to regional, national and perhaps even international level, maybe even making it to the next Olympic Games?


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