World Book Day 2017


World Book Day came once again to Rastrick High School on March 2nd, teachers dressed in the outfits of their favourite literature characters and students engaged in activities to help inspire their love of reading. Teachers from across all departments came together to help deliver the initiative and all helped to create the buzz which could be felt across the school.

Supported by their form tutors, students in Years 7 and Year 8 travelled around the school on Thursday seeking out corresponding costumes and complete their WBD booklet to inspire them further. The day started with books being issued as prizes to the students who had made greatest use of the library throughout the year.

Students had a variety of activities to complete to compliment the educational drive of the day. To further develop cross-department Literacy links, teachers partnered up across the school and students used the booklet to chronicle these links. Once a student had found Lennie, it was their job to then track down George somewhere else in the school – completing the famous Of Mice and Men duo. Famous quotes from the characters were also included, students across the school searching the source of the surprisingly appropriate phrase, ‘A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.’ As if this all weren’t enough, Miss Priestland had a Book Trail activity in the library and the room acted as a hub for much of the day’s events.

The Legacy

Much more than a one-off initiative, the purpose of WBD is to rekindle a love of literature and inspire students to read more. In their booklets, students have been asked to take note of three books they would be interested in reading following the day. Furthermore, they have been encouraged to write a review of the Form Time Reading book. Form Time Reading is also now running with Year 7 and Year 8, each Friday during Form Time they settle to simply quieten down and read – an opportunity many of now wish we had a little more often!


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