Year 12 Photography visit to Bradford

Year 12 photography students recently spent a day in Bradford visiting the two excellent photography galleries.

They spent the morning at the Impressions Gallery evaluating the work of David Chancellor- a very hard hitting exhibition about big game hunting in Africa. It raised some emotive opinions and thoughts about the subject.

After a gourmet lunch in a small city centre café, the group were invited to look in the archives of the National Photography collection at the Media Museum. In very low lit surroundings they were shown some of the first photography including one of the first daguerreotypes, and then taken into the Daily Herald archive– where students chose a selection of local crime scene photos and Audrey Hepburn portraits- and listened to lots of anecdotes about famous photography. Students were invited to use the archives for future research and I'm sure many of them will return over the next year. Bradford is an excellent centre for students of Photography.

Ms Catton- Photography and Art teacher.


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