Year 7s Adventures in the Woods

On Monday 29 June to Wednesday 1 July, Year 7 attended their annual end of year residential at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire. The camp, run by the Bushcraft Company involved making fires, building shelters, swimming in the lake, raiding other camps and eating fish eyeballs, amongst other amazing things. 

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Here is what two of our students, Archie and Miles thought of their experience:

At Bushcraft we did many different things. One of the best things we did was raid the other camps. On the first night when we raided one of the camps we captured Mr McConnell and brought him back to our camp. The next day we went down to the lake on the way there one of the other camps ran out and attacked us with flour and water. However this wasn’t a good idea because we went straight to the lake after and washed everything off. Later that night was going to the biggest raid of the trip which meant that we had to get camouflaged. This meant that we had to apply face paints. This made the whole of the camp unrecognisable. This attack was going to be the best because one of the other camps came to attack us so we just hid in the bushes and ambushed them. Then whilst we attacked them we got another camp to attack their camp.

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Personally I thought the second day was even better because we went fresh water swimming in a lake and shot each other with water guns so we all really enjoyed this. Also while we were in the water Mr Watson and Mr O’Callaghan were trying to splash everyone and see who could jump the furthest.

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We had a chef called Mark and we thought that we had the best chef we could possibly have. He cooked some of the most amazing food for example on the second night we had home-made pizza, made in the pizza ovens. And on the last day for breakfast we had American pancakes with bacon and glazed fruit with maple syrup or sugar and cinnamon.

Archie said, “I thought that the whole of the trip was amazing and that I would have liked to stay there for a lot longer.”

Miles added, “I enjoyed it because there was a variety of different activities and they were all amazing.”

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