Year 8 visit University of Huddersfield

You are never too young to start thinking about if you might go on to study at University, so recently a group of Year 8 students visited the University of Huddersfield to spend a day on campus and get a feel for what studying there is really like.




When we arrived we were welcomed by University Ambassadors who explained what we were going to do that day. We spent the morning In the Science labs  where we  learnt about the ingredients used in shampoos; the professor explained things in a simple way so we were all able to understand. We then got to have some fun by  customising our own shampoos where we could pick a fragrance and give it a unique look by adding things like glitter.



After that, we went on a tour of the university; it was colossal but had a calm, harmonic environment that encouraged success and creativity. We learnt of the great facilities available for students to use and the many career paths waiting to be pursued.  We visited the library which is open all day, every day, so the students can have flexible access to the resources that the library has to offer. There is also free wifi so the University can cater to the modern students’ needs.


After lunch, we were challenged to create our own University.  We had to include what subjects would be on offer, what the University would look like and the facilities on offer to students.  We  came up with some great ideas including looking to the future where robots may aid learning. 

We then had a talk  from four Student Ambassadors who told us all about life at University which included money management, time spent studying and also about going out on work placements in gap years.  

Overall, the trip has inspired me to go to the  University of Huddersfield; it is local, friendly, has up to date technologies and they cater for every students’ needs.


Adam Riaz, Year 8 Student

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