Young People's Hope & Help

A group of kind hearted young people from Rastrick High School hope to make an impact on other people’s lives with a new project.

‘Young People’s Hope and Help’ was created by five Year 9 students who decided to donate spare food from their school to a local homeless charity that feeds people with little or no food.

Here, the girls tell us how the project came about:

“The project started with a group discussion in our Form, where we were told to develop ideas on how we can help charities. We expanded our ideas and reached a group decision that the homeless charity was the most important to the group.  We then put forward our idea to donate spare food from our School Catering Department such as sandwiches, cold pasta and various other foods that would have otherwise been wasted and thrown away. This was welcomed as a great idea.

Next we contacted a local charity, the ‘Brighouse and Surrounding Homeless Scheme (BASH), an outreach team covering West Yorkshire, helping homeless and vulnerable adults.  Alison Sykes, who currently volunteers for the team attended a meeting and we discussed and shared our ideas as to what we could do now and in the future. Then, our idea became reality!

Each Friday, a volunteer from BASH collects our unsold food from school and along with other volunteers, distributes it to the homeless and hungry in the local area. This has been successful for a number of weeks now and we have received excellent feedback and learnt that we have helped over 100 people in Leeds and many others in our surrounding area.  Alison Sykes, from BASH commented, “I am amazed at what the group have achieved; it is nice to know the next generation are thinking about how they can improve the quality of someone else’s life and we hope they can continue working with us”.

The group have gone on to contact the local primary, Longroyde Junior School and are visiting the Head teacher to explain what they are doing at Rastrick High School and to discuss how their school could also help.

The girls continued, “In the near future we plan to contact surrounding schools and recruit other schools to join us to turn their otherwise wasted food into food that could help many people. We also think that getting young people involved in our scheme would be educational for them and would alert them to some ways they could help the community.’

‘Our movement has now fed many hungry people and in the future could help feed many more. As a group we have thoroughly enjoyed helping, and the feedback we have received. We hope that we can continue to help and enlarge our vision.’

Alice Lambert, Emily Eve, Gigi Hinchliffe, Eve Ingle, Molly Dodson.

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