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General Queries 

Mrs L Mason - Student Reception

Tel01484 710235  Fax: 01484 720043

You can also contact school with a general query by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.


To inform school about your child being absent, please either report your absence through the Parentmail App or phone the school absence line on 01484 406381.

If you have a query regarding setting up your Parentmail account, please email 

Change of your/your child's contact details

It is vital we have up to date contact information for your child.

If you have registered your ParentMail account, you can change your personal details on there, however, it cannot update our central information system. 

You must inform school about any changes by filling out this form  

Key Staff Contact Details

Mr Steve Evans

Deputy Headteachers
Mr Matthew Crowther
Mr Mathew Williams

Assistant Headteachers
Miss Rachel Bailey
Mrs Sarah Berry
Mrs Clare Murphy
Mr Dean Watson
Mr Leo Timmins
Mrs Bev Peartree

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Leader

Mrs Bev Peartree


Lower School – Key Stage 3

For queries relating to your child, please contact the relevant Year Group Achievement Manager in the first instance.

Year 7 Achievement Leader: Mr M Carey 

Year 7 Associate Achievement Leader: Miss E Morgan

Year 7 Achievement Manager: Mrs J Metcalfe

Year 8 Achievement Leader: Mrs J Dawson

Year 8 Achievement ManagerMrs C Fletcher

Year 9 Achievement Leader: Mr R Firbank

Year 9 Achievement Manager: Mrs M Bradley

Upper School – Key Stage 4

Year 10 Achievement Leader: Mrs F Morris

Year 10 Associate Achievement Leader: Mr M Thornton

Year 10 Achievement Manager: Mrs J Daw

Year 11 Achievement Leader: Mr J Nalson

Year 11 Associate Achievement Leader: Mrs C Marshall

Year 11 Achievement Manager: Mrs J Brady