Winter Weather Procedures

In the case of adverse weather conditions, the school will make a decision as to whether school will open, close or have a delayed opening to allow time for the premises team to grit the pathways.

Please avoid ringing school if you can.

If you have supplied a mobile contact number to school, we will send a text message via Parentmail to you if the school will be closed.  If we are open, the website will have the up to date procedures.

This decision will be tweeted for those of you who follow our Twitter feed and a clear notice outlining the decision will be on the homepage of this website. You can also check status for school closures. If you have no internet access, please listen to BBC Radio Leeds for information on any school closure. BBC Leeds broadcast school closures at quarter past and quarter to the hour at breakfast time. 

Click the image below to access Radio Leeds' I-player



Where there are worsening weather conditions during the school day, we will take advice from the local weatherline and the appropriate bus companies. Students will be allowed to leave early where there is a need to catch buses. If the weather is so severe that we have to close the school during the day, we will again text parents/carers if we have a contact number and also put an alert on the homepage of the school website and tweet the alert.

Transport Contact Numbers

During office hours, Calderdale’s Access Team staff involved with transport and special needs students will be able to advise parents/carers of the current position: contact Michelle Norledge on 01422 392531.
For special needs children using transport provided by Metro, the number to ring is 0113 251 7328.

For advice on the running of general and school bus services for students using transport call:
Metro on 0113 348 1122 or First Calderline on 0845 0260099

Morning buses from Huddersfield – B10, B11 & C35 Control telephone 01484 233823
Afternoon buses from Huddersfield – B10, B11 & C35 Control telephone 01422 422186

How does school reach a decision about closure?

If snow is forecast, a member of the Senior Leadership Team arrives on site at about 6 am. They listen to the local radio and look at the conditions on site-how much snow has already fallen and is it still snowing. They then contact some other members of staff and establish what the conditions are like in other areas. This is to estimate whether members of staff are likely to be able to get into work at normal time, late or not at all. At this time bus companies are not available to say whether buses are running or not. The decision to open or close is then made by the Headteacher taking into account:

  • The current conditions of the approach roads and car parks/paths
  • Whether there is the likelihood that enough staff will be able to reach school to provide adequate supervision
  • The likelihood of conditions becoming worse during the day, causing problems for students and staff getting home

This decision really has to be made by 7am so that local radio stations can be told and parents or students ringing in can be informed. Each day is treated separately and the decision is made on the basis of the safety of students.
Sometimes conditions around the school deteriorate quickly and we have to make a decision to close the school when it has been open and this is to enable students to get home safely and in good time.
We realise that some parents will be inconvenienced by a decision to close the school but endeavour to make that decision based on the best possible information available at the time and with the welfare of students and staff taking priority.