Medical Information

To help us care and support your child with any medical needs during their time at Rastrick, we need you to read, sign and complete forms relevant to your child.  The information is needed to give your child the correct care if they come to the medical room unwell and so that we can monitor any medication they need in school.

Student Medical Questionnaire 

If there are any changes to your child's medical records or needs, please complete this form and return to the School Health Worker via Student Reception.  


If your child requires an epipen they must carry it with them at all times and a spare given to the medication room.


In order for secondary schools to administer Paracetamol to students, the consent of parents is required. You will have been sent a form which asks for you to sign your  permission. This consent will stay on record for the entirety of your child's schooling at Rastrick.

The school will then send a text to inform you that it has been given.

If you need to fill in this form please find a copy of it here.


As part of accepted good practice and with advice from the Department for Children, School and Families, our school has established medical practices for children diagnosed with Asthma.

Therefore, we ask all parents of children with Asthma to help us by completing the School Asthma Action Plan for their child/children.  If you would prefer to meet our School Healthcare Worker to complete the form, or if you have any questions then please contact Mrs Cunnington on 01484 710235.

Please make sure the school is kept informed of any changes to your child’s medical condition or medication. This includes any changes to how much medication they need to take and when they need to take it.

Short Term Medication

If your child is taking any medication in the short term e.g. antibiotics, it should be given to the school healthcare professionals who will administer it under instruction. Student's may either leave the medication at school for the length of the prescribed course or, ir it is required to be taken in the evening, collect their medication at the end of the day. 

Long Term Medication

If your child is taking long term medication, you need to inform the School Health Worker who will arrange a plan of action to suit your child's needs.