School Catering

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Breakfast Club

We offer a free supervised Breakfast Club in the Main Hall every morning from 8.00 – 8.45am where students can purchase a variety of healthy hot and cold food and drinks.  These include bacon/sausage baps, toast, currant toasted teacakes, porridge pots, yoghurt or fruit pots and cereals. There is also a selection of hot and cold drinks.

Break Times

At break the students have the opportunity to purchase breakfast foods as above along with a selection of cereal bars and cold drinks.

Click here to view our Breakfast Club and Break menus

Lunch Time

We offer a variety of options to ensure students have a good choice of food on offer:

Main Meal Menu

Food is freshly cooked and each day's menu offers a range of healthy options including a vegetarian choice.  With the exception of the chips that accompany the fish on Fridays , all food is baked not fried. You can purchase this with or without a dessert.

Details of dishes that are vegetarian and also dishes that contain Halal meat are labelled on menus and also displayed in the Dining Room, along with information regarding allergens. 

Click here to view a sample of our lunchtime main meal menus.

Pasta or Noodle Bar Menu

Fresh hot pasta/noodles/rice (alternates on different days) is offered with a choice of a meat or vegetarian sauces that change daily including:

Meat sauces: Piri Piri Chicken. Hoi Sin, Spicy Sausage, Hong Kong Chicken  

Vegetarian sauces: Arrabiata, Basilica, Sweet Chilli Veg or Tomato Salsa

Jacket Potato Menu (available at The Pod)

Potatoes are freshly baked daily and you can add one or more toppings from the following:

Cheese/ Tuna/ Beans/ Salad & Coleslaw

Soup & Roll is also available here

Cold Selection Menu

Here you can purchase from a selection of items including:

Sandwiches - assorted fillings on either sliced, baps or baguettes

Salad Boxes - a healthy choice of mixed salad with either ham, egg, tuna, cheese or chicken

Cold Pasta Box - with a choice of either tomato, chicken & bacon or tuna (variations available weekly)  

Street Food Menu

If you wish to sit in your social area or outside, this provides a quick take away option and changes daily to include:

Chicken burgers (baked), Pizza slice including options of Pepperoni/Tuna/Ham & Pineapple and Margherita or Sausage rolls/Cheese rolls. 

Click here to view the menu price list.

Payment for Meals and Trips

All snacks, meals and trips can be paid using our cashless catering system. Cash can be ‘loaded’ onto the system in school or preferably parent/carers are able to put money into meal accounts online or make payments towards school trips. You can also track what your child eats on a daily basis on here too.

Lunchtime Arrangements

All students must remain on the school site for the entire lunchtime period unless parents/carers wish them to go home for their lunch. Students going home will require a signed permission slip from parents/carers – the appropriate form will be available at the start of term in September. As there are effectively 50 minutes available at lunchtime, please note that only students whose home is within easy walking distance of school will be eligible. Students who have parental permission to go home will be issued with a special pass which they must have available at all times as student movement at lunchtime is monitored by senior staff.

Students going home at lunchtime must be back in school by the 1:25pm warning bell prior to the start of Period 4 at 1:30pm.

Finally, the school advises parents/carers that, in the interests of health and safety, community relations and attendance/punctuality, it is most sensible that students remain on site and under the school’s care at lunchtime. Parents/carers giving permission to leave the school site take full responsibility for their children’s safety and behaviour for the whole of the lunchtime period.