The School Day

The school day is divided into five one hour lessons.  Every week, each year group has one assembly and four tutorials.  Afternoon registration takes place at the beginning of Period 4.  

Daily times

8.45am                Students to arrive to school and be ready to learn by this time    
8.55am                Period 1
9.55am                Period 2
10.55am               Break
11.10am                 Period 3
12.10—12.50pm    Lunch for Years 7, 11 & 12
                            Form time for Years 8, 9, 10 & 13
12.50—13.30pm   Lunch for Years 8, 9, 10 & 13
                            Form time for Years 7, 11 & 12
13.30—14.30pm   Period 4
14.30—15.30pm   Period 5

 Assemblies and tutorials (weekly pattern)

• Year group assembly

• Tutorials which will include:
    • review
    • target setting
    • planning
    • reading
    • PSHCE programme
    • private study

Daily Routine

The school is open from 8am and students should arrive at school no later than 8.45am so that they have time to organise themselves and be punctual for the start of the school day. The Library is open from 8am to 5pm for students who wish to read, do homework or research subjects in print or on the Internet; the Library closes at 4pm on Fridays.