Careers & Work Experience

Careers education at Rastrick High School is a Year 7 to Year 13 process.

At Key Stage 3 elements of careers are taught in core PHSCE. Also for Year 9 in the late autumn and early spring terms there is an option choices information programme for students with their form tutors and an introduction to the careers library. The school produces its own option choice guidance booklet and this is followed by a Year 9 options evening with senior staff.

At Key Stage 4 there are further elements in core PHSCE lessons and there is also a traditional careers advice and guidance programme with the school careers coordinator. There are strong links with the local careers service advisors and a programme is arranged through the Annual Service Level Agreement

At Key Stage 5 individual interviews are available on request with Careers advisors. All students undertake Work Experience in Y12 and there is a tailored guidance programme delivered by form tutors learning managers and careers advisors from the local careers service which includes a visit from an Oxbridge SLO, a UCAS Conference visit, a Higher Education Day including a visit with tutors to a local university followed by an evening for parents, a jobseekers programme for students not intending to go on to higher education and a UCAS preparation and guidance programme.

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Quality Standard

The school currently holds the Local Quality Standard in Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance. Recently the school was audited as part of the normal 3 year review process and subject to a successful outcome would also gain the National Quality in Careers Standard. This is because the local C&K Careers Quality Standard has been awarded overarching national validation by the prestigious Quality in Careers Standard and is now one of only six such local awards to meet all sixteen of the rigorous national validation criteria. These include the leadership and management of CEIAG, the training of staff delivering CEIAG, how inclusive is CEIAG, how the impact of CEIAG is measured, the working arrangements with external agencies, the provision of information, the partnership with the local careers service and the inclusion of parents in the CEIAG process. The audit involves an initial submission by the school followed by a full day visit by the auditor to inspect all school policies and documents pertaining to CEIAG, interviews with all relevant staff, confidential interviews with students and the observation of a careers lesson delivered by the Careers Coordinator.