Academic Pathways

We pride ourselves on offering students a broad and balanced range of A Level subjects that prepares students for further study and the world of work.

In addition to the range of high quality courses, we strive to provide students with the skills, experiences and aspirations needed to succeed in a competitive world of work. We believe in challenging students to maximise and achieve their full potential. This is delivered through outstanding teaching in an environment that offers bespoke support to students.

Historically our students have followed a range of pathways that open up further study or career possibilities. We believe in giving valuable enrichment opportunities and the ability to carry out high quality work experience that is directly linked to your chosen pathway. We work hard to forge links with local and national businesses and Universities that will benefit you and make you stand out from the rest.

Some of the most popular A Level pathways include:

• Scientific Pathway (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Maths)
• Engineering Pathway (e.g. Physics, Maths, Product Design)
• Teacher Training Pathway (e.g. English Language, Maths and another Academic Subject)
• Business and Economics Pathway (e.g. Economics, Maths, ICT)
• Design Technology and Arts Pathway (e.g. Photography, Art, Textiles)
• Sports Pathway (e.g. PE, Science)

We also offer a suite of Vocational qualifications that lead to university places and careers in:

• Medical Science
• Business and ICT
• Health and Social Care
• Sport

Should you be unsure regarding your career choices, we offer comprehensive advice and guidance regarding the most suitable combinations of courses to allow you to progress to further study or the workplace. Our experienced Sixth Form team will guide and support you onto the most appropriate pathway and subject combinations.